Think you’re cut for digital Marketing? Take this

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Think you’re cut for digital Marketing? Take this

Starting up a business takes a lot of careful market research, planning and execution. Once you have got the business rolling, increasing sales is no easy task. With an unlimited number of options now available to potential customers over the digital landscape, it is becoming increasingly challenging for new or small businesses to sustain their share of the pie.

During this daily game of tug-a-war that businesses compete in on a daily basis you as an entrepreneur struggle immensely to ensure that you are maximizing your online footprint as much as possible using the most minimal resources. However have you ever really evaluated how much you really know about digital marketing? How do you add value towards marketing your business? Do you know if you are using your resources in the most efficient way possible to provide the greatest value to your company? Take this short quiz to find out if you have what it takes to make your brand gets the biggest share of that finite pie!

The Moment of Truth

Q1.  What is SEO? Is your website SEO friendly?

Q2. What is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and how does it work?

Q3. Do you know how to generate a digital ad campaign to target your audience?

Q4. Do you know how to create an effective Adwords campaign? (SEM)

Q5. Do you know how to improve your relevancy ranking within Facebook ads?

Q6. Do you know how to read analytics to ensure optimal marketing expenditure and henceforth tweak campaigns according to the data?

Q7. Do you know how to create an effective email campaign to increase lead generation?

Q8. Do you have a blog associated with or a part of your website geared around your business? Do you post at least once/twice a month?

Q9. Do you know how to curate relevant blog topics and include longtail keywords to improve article search ranking?

Q10. Do you have a person who can manage your social media presence and post relevant material daily?

Phew! That was easy, wasn’t it? These ten questions barely cover the basics of the dynamics within the digital marketing landscape. By now you probably also have an idea of your expertise in digital marketing but we have provided you with the following answer key for your convenience.

The Real Deal- Answers!

  1. Okay, we started out with an easy one when we gave you a hint with “optimized”. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Every business wants to be on the first page of any potential customers online search. Let’s be honest, how many times have you gone to the second page or beyond when conducting research online. Likely never because often those sites are not relevant, outdated or simply not good enough when we have better options! AT Digital Block we ensure that every word of content on your page is SEO optimized so you can successfully land on the first page of any search engine. Click here to find out how we can help you achieve digital success!
  2. PPC is a fairly straightforward marketing campaign where the advertiser pays a small fee to the host (that is Google or Facebook) every time a user clicks on your ad. However don’t waste your marketing dollars on any campaign let us help you by selecting the best keywords and subsequently optimizing your landing page to increase conversions and lower your rate for ad clicks.
  3. Relevancy ranking is based upon complex algorithms that sort through billions of content to create a results list with the most useful content at the top! Do you know how to use these factors to place your content on top? At Digital Marketing we have a team of experts who are skilled to ensure you can achieve this!
  4. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. There was a time when the two were nearly synonymous, but as digital advertising has evolved, SEM refers exclusively to paid advertising.
  5. Targeting an audience requires a complex analysis of demographics, location, interest, age, and much more. Do you have the skills to develop these complex permutations of your target market? Let us help you!
  6. Analytics provides admin with information about how effectively your ad campaign is performing and its results.
  7. Attention-grabbing subject lines, compelling calls-to-action are vital components of a successful email campaign. Effective implementation of these components can generate a profitable ROI.
  8. Your blog posts are only any good if they are relevant to your business and resonate with your audience. It is important to create posts that reflect your overall strategy, and also relate to your audience.
  9. Longtail keywords are important components of SEO optimization. These longer, more specific phrases help lead customers more directly to you. They are essential to market your business digitally.
  10. Customers expect social media to be updated frequently- at a minimum daily when there is a lack of social media influence customers can be easily drawn to competitors who are most socially present than you.

We understand social media management can be an overwhelming phenomenon. But with increasing rates of online transactions, it has become and will continue to be the most important part of your business strategy. At Digital Block we have made it our goal to help businesses achieve social media freedom and success, a paradoxical yet successful partnership. Our partners have delegated their social media tasks to us in order to focus on their core competencies, that way the business succeeds in being the best while being socially active on social media platforms. Call now or sign up here to find out how our expert team can help your business achieve social media success.

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